Scabies is a skin disease caused by infestation and sensitization to Sarcoptes scabiei hominis variants and eggs. Scabies are transmitted through direct physical contact. (skin-to-skin) or indirect. Scabies in Indonesia ranks third of the 12 most common skin diseases. The skin of children and adults is also different, children are easier to feel itchy and infected because the skin of children is more sensitive. An patient. A, 1 year 10 months, a homecare patient at Way Kandis health center. came with complaints of itching on both the toes and hands since 7 days ago. The patient's father complained of the same itching 3 months earlier. The patient had suffered the same complaint 1 month ago until now it gets worse due to scratching. Patients are difficult to eat, have a habit of sleeping with their fathers and mothers, bathing regularly 2-3 times a day. The patient's home condition is very dirty, the floor is rarely cleaned, less neatly arranged and the window is never opened. The source of the water itself comes from an electric pump that is> 15 meters away from the septic tank.


Family; medicine; Malnutrition; Scabies

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